The world first custom mouse

Using a new technology we can provide you with a comfortable and unique mouse, no matter how un-average your hands might be. We’re all different and we should use different products

!!! Important !!!

Once you complete the purchase you’ll receive a link to our mouse configurator and an update on our shipping estimate!

We’ll manufacture on a first-come, first-serve basis – hurry up!


Standard Customization

Made to Measure
Standard Electronics (Wireless)
Plain Colour (Black/White)

$ 150.00
$ 100.00 (-33%)

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Gaming Customization

Made to Measure
Logitech G305 Electronics (Wireless)
Plain Colour (Black/White)

$ 180.00
$ 125.00 (-30%)

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Full Customization

Made to Measure
Logitech G305 Electronics (Wireless)
Custom Color (any color)

$ 215.00
$ 150.00 (-30%)

Our goal is to make you comfortable

“I just finished my 2 weeks testing and is feeling great - I've tried my old mouse again for comparison and is definitely going in the drawer forever. Thanks guys, you've changed my days at work”
Owen C.(Cloud Mouse)
“Super comfortable!! Everyone using a mouse for more than a couple hours a day should try one of your mice and FEEL the difference. Keep up with the good work!”
Luke F. (Cloud Mouse)