Custom Made Mouse Range

Get your hand back in the comfort zone

With our custom mouse you’ll forget about the rest and focus on what matters most: YOU


More comfort

It’s made on your own hand measures


More Choice

You can tell us what you like the most


More green

It’s made-to-order and close to you

We’re an adaptable species and we can endure discomfort and pain… but we shouldn’t. With our custom mouse you can be sure of one thing: you’ll be comfortable again.

Because you can and because you deserve it!

The world first custom mouse

Using a new technology we can provide you with a comfortable and unique mouse, no matter how un-average your hands might be. 

We’re all different and we should use different products

Cloud - Ergonomic Mouse

From $ 50.00 (-50% discount)

Spark - Gaming Mouse

From $ 75.00 (-50% discount)

Our goal is to make you comfortable again

“It's just perfect. Having small hands I couldn't find a fitting mouse. It's the first time that I don't have to stop every two hours because of hand fatigue. Thank you Vatluna”
Tony L. (Spark Mouse)
“Super comfortable!! Everyone using a mouse for more than a couple hours a day should try one of your mice and FEEL the difference. Keep up with the good work!”
Luke F. (Cloud Mouse)