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Your hand on a SPARK

With our custom mouse you’ll forget about the rest and focus on what matters most: YOU


More comfort

It’s made on your own hand measures


More Choice

You can tell us what you like the most


More green

It’s made-to-order and close to you

The world first custom mouse

Using a new technology we can provide you with a comfortable and unique mouse, no matter how un-average your hands might be. We’re all different and we should use different products

Our Spark Mouse is a customizable, high-performance gaming mouse that automatically fits your hand. The Spark is made to measure on each user’s hand size and shape.

It guarantees comfort and maximum gaming performance, helping you avoid injuries from overuse and giving you the edge to win.

Sure, you can endure some pain and discomfort… but why should you suffer when you can have a mouse that is just perfect for YOU?

Choose the customization profile that best fits your needs and be ready to get back in your comfort zone.



Made to Measure
Standard Electronics (Wireless)
Plain Colour (Black/White)

$ 150.00
$ 75.00 (-50%)

BUGG overview


Made to Measure
Logitech G305 Electronics (Wireless)
Plain Colour (Black/White)

$ 180.00
$ 100.00 (-45%)

BUGG above2

Full Customization

Made to Measure
Logitech G305 Electronics (Wireless)
Custom Color (any color)

$ 200.00
$ 140.00 (-30%)

!!! Important !!!

Once you complete the purchase you’ll receive a link to our mouse configurator and an update on our shipping estimate!

We’ll manufacture on a first-come, first-serve basis – hurry up!

Our goal is to make you comfortable

“I just finished my 2 weeks testing and is feeling great - I've tried my old mouse again for comparison and is definitely going in the drawer forever. Thanks guys, you've changed my gaming”
Loris C.(Spark Mouse)
“Super comfortable!! Everyone using a mouse for more than a couple hours a day should try one of your mice and FEEL the difference. Keep up with the good work!”
Mike G. (Spark Mouse)